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Congratulations To Our New Mayor
I wish the very best to Marie Gilmore as

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Alameda View Episode 1 Features Jean Sweeney and Doug deHaan
Here is the link http://vimeo.com/16338572 to view Episode 1 of the
Alameda View.

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Historical Alameda Theater Complex & Parking Garage
The Alameda Theater Complex has been very successful in the economic rejuvenation of the downtown Park Street district. This is exactly what our Economic Development Commission (EDC) envisioned.

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Alameda Youth Sports
The City of Alameda must be directly and continuously involved to ensure that we are totally committed to the needs of the Alameda sports community.

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Get The Facts Straight
Don't let SunCal buy the election.

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Rally To Denounce Alameda Firefighter Local 689 Malicious And Damaging "Hit" Letter
I would like to thank all of my supporters for rallying at a moments notice to denounce the actions of Alameda Firefighter Local 689. As many of you know, the firefighters union mailed a malicious letter riddled with lies accusing me of wanting to privatize ambulance service in Alameda.

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Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I am proud to say Alameda voters have twice elected me to city council. I feel it is necessary that I run for Mayor because the next four years are critical for Alameda...

I'm Doug deHaan...

Iím a life-long Alamedan. I was raised in the Woodstock Homes neighborhood in the West End of Alameda. I attended Longfellow Elementary and Encinal High School. I met my wife, Gail, while attending Encinal High School. Gail was raised in the North Side of Alameda. We have two children, five grandchildren, and all reside in Alameda. Iím proud to say that our grandchildren are fifth generation Alamedanís. Both my daughter and daughter-in-law teach for the Alameda Unified School District.

After graduating from high school I was accepted into the apprenticeship at the Alameda Naval Air Station. That was the beginning of a long career, which spanned over 36 years. I progressively built my professional career and served in many capacities until the base closed. I held many key positions while at the Naval Air Station from Budget Director, Production Superintendent and Transition Personnel Director. I was responsible for budgets (operations and material) that exceeded $500 million and the direct oversight of a workforce of over one thousand employees. Attached you will find a detailed list of my professional career, experience and education.

Upon leaving the Alameda Naval Air Station, I was directly involved in bringing new tenants to Alameda Point. One company was CalStart, which was involved in the development of electric vehicle technology. The other two companies were Alameda Aerospace and Advanced Turbine Technologies. I served as the Chief Operating Officer and business consultant for both of these companies.

In 1990, along with former Mayor Chuck Corica, I became directly involved in the retention of the Naval Air Station at local, state and federal levels. I served in the capacity as the Base Retention Chairman for the City of Alameda. This was my renewed commitment to continue to serve the community and the base conversion process. The subsequent closure of the base had major economic ramifications for our community and continues to be one of the foremost economic problems the City of Alameda faces today. I served as the Base Reuse Chairman (sub committee) for the Base Reuse and Advisory Group (BRAG). The BRAG developed the Community Reuse Plan, which has been the guiding document for base conversion. Thereafter, I served on the Economic Development Commission as a member and chairperson where the key focus was on retail/commercial economic development within the city. This led to my election as your councilmember, which I am now serving my second term in the capacity of Vice Mayor.